Red Velvet attaqué sur son comportement

Red Velvet attacked on his behavior

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This month, no one can miss the comeback of Red Velvet . But the latter revived the debate on the behavior of certain members.

On the BLIND community site, which requires a professional email address to register, a member leaves a comment incriminating Red Velvet .

A Korean Airline flight attendant claimed the band was present on the flight she was operating on. She describes Joy, Yeri and Irene as really disrespectful people. They apparently treated the hostesses as their slaves.
The testimony suggests that Wendy and Seulgi were polite .

Another employee of Jeju air service seems to confirm the comments of the Internet user by adding that Irene vulgarly threw her passport and tickets at the employees.

In addition, she did not want to do the check-in herself but asked a member of staff to do so.

While some do not say they are surprised given the leader's liabilities, others are more cautious. It would be insane for Irene to behave like this after the huge scandal with the stylist.

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