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Stage name: Solar
Real name: Kim Yong Seon
Nationality: Korean
Age: 31 years old
Date of birth: February 21, 1991
Height: 163cm
Role / profession: Leader, singer, dancer
Group: Mamamoo
Fandom: Moo Moo

photo of solar


Solar is the leader, vocalist, and dancer of Rainbow Bridge World's KPOP group Mamamoo . She was recruited by the agency during a contest which consisted of winning a gift if we sang. Originally she wanted to become an air hostess, it was only when she started her studies that she realized that in the end it did not suit her. Today she has found her voice and is fulfilled in what she does.

Like the other members, Solar also started a solo career , her first single “Spit It Out” released in 2020 marked the start of her solo career . She is very active in her solo career, and has recently released a new album called “Face” , however this is not the case as far as the group is concerned.

They have not been active for a while and Solar declared in an interview that the group had nothing planned for this year 2022, at least for the moment.

In parallel with her career as a singer, Solar is also a Youtuber , she opened her channel in 2019 and since then she has been very active , to the point where in an interview she said that once she earned more than 70,000 euros thanks to his YouTube channel . On her channel, she posts a wide variety of videos , such as vlogs, but also videos with her sister or other members of the Mamamoo group.

During a TV show, we discover that she is very good at pole dancing , she says it's as simple as breathing for her. Later, during an event (MAMA) she surprises the public with a performance quite unprecedented in the world of KPOP , since it was a demonstration of her talents in pole dancing. This performance has been much criticized but also much appreciated.

We quickly understand that Solar, like Hwasa , tries to convey a message through his performances and his actions . For example, it happens quite often that male idols rip their t-shirts when they are on stage, and in an effort to show that men and women are equal , Solar did the same during a performance. she tore her top off , this gesture, like her pole dancing performance, caused controversy, many fans liked the message behind it, and many other people found it outrageous.


  • The other members say she has a dolphin laugh.
  • His favorite artist is Lil Wayne.
  • She is friends with Irene and Wendy from Red Velvet .
  • She speaks Japanese.
  • She draws very badly.
  • Its name means "fresh face".
  • She did a collaboration with the group GEEKS before starting her idol career.

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