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Stage name : Hwasa
Real name : Ah Hye Jin
Nationality : Korean
Age : 26 years old
Date of birth : July 23, 1995
Height : 160cm
Role / profession : Singer, lyricist, rapper
Group : Mamamoo
Fandom : Moo Moo

photography by hwasa


Hwasa is a 26-year-old South Korean singer and rapper from Rainbow Bridge World's KPOP group Mamamoo . She is the youngest member of the group, the maknae . She debuted with the other members in 2014 with the title “Mr. Ambiguous” . She is the main singer of the group due to her incredible voice , her singing talents have always been recognized by others, when she was 16 years old , even before she joined the KPOP industry, she had made a featuring with the band Standing Egg.

However even if her voice was much complimented it was not the case of her physique , on the contrary she was very criticized , she said that during her first auditions, a producer refused her because he found her "too big and not beautiful” , but that did not discourage her, she continued the auditions and decided to impose her own standards of beauty.

Unfortunately even today the criticisms of her physique continue, especially in South Korea, but she is not discouraged and continues to assume herself, moreover she has all the support of international fans since unlike the majority of Koreans, they find her very charismatic.

Her talent is not limited to singing since she also knows how to rap very well, she also plays the piano and writes songs , she has also participated in the writing of several of the group's songs.

We have seen that thanks to her voice she is very well known in the music industry as much as an idol, but that's not all. Indeed, she is also well known in the world of television , because she participated and still participates in many TV shows as a full member oras much as a guest , for example, she took part in the program "alone at home" where we followed her daily life. Also during one of the shows she was led to form a group called “Refund Expedition” with Lee Hyori, Jessi and Uhm Jung Hwa.

She started her solo career in 2019 , and from the start it was a big success. Recently, in 2022, she did a featuring with PSY for her new album.

Scandals: Hwasa accused of cultural appropriation

Since his debut in the KPOP industry, Hwasa has been accused of cultural appropriation on several occasions. Each time, history repeats itself, she performs or shows herself with clothes, haircuts, which are akin to cultural appropriation , in South Korea this is not a problem since it is a notion that is fairly unrecognized there, but that's a problem for international fans. It is then controversial on the social networks, but the opinions are still quite divided on the subject.

Recently she has also been widely criticized in South Korea for ignoring her elders . First of all, you should know that in Korea it is very important to show some respect for older people , even if the age difference is only one year.

The controversy began after the broadcast of a program , when Hwasa spoke with her "elders" of the KPOP industry , we could understand that she ignored their calls because she was very busy, which greatly displeased the Koreans. . Later, she confessed to suffering from the bad comments, she added that she got to a point where she doesn't like music anymore and wants to quit the music industry.


  • She participated in a musical when she was very young.
  • She is a fan of Beyoncé and Rihanna.
  • She doesn't want to be on a diet.
  • She really likes meat.
  • She doesn't like dogs.
  • She and Wheein have known each other for a very long time.


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