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Butter is scheduled for release on May 21 this year. BigHit Music, the creators of the video, shared a short music video on Twitter on April 26 to announce the details. The end of the clip read: “Butter 2021.05.21 13:00 KST | 00:00 EST.”

In an interview with Variety, RM spoke about the responsibility they feel towards their fans. “We of course feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. We understand the impact and the influence that we have – it is an impact that goes beyond regions and borders, because the things that young people feel and live in Korea are not exactly the same but are probably similar to what young people feel and experience in the United States. This is what guides our campaign with UNICEF and our other charities," he said.

Concept clips of Butter, the next single from K-pop boy band BTS

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Two concept clips of Butter , the upcoming single from K-pop boy band BTS , have been released by the makers of the video. In the clips, shared on Twitter, two band members: RM and Jungkook are seen dancing in a room dimly lit with purple and blue colored lights.

In RM's clip , he is seen playing with a retro projector and swaying to music. Wearing a long coat, he is seen blowing confetti at the end of the clip. RM's clip has been viewed 3.5 million times and received a million likes.

Meanwhile, Jungkook can be seen spreading heart-shaped butter on bread in the clip. He also blunders and pouts while looking at the camera. In the comments section, BTS (ARMYs) fans started speculating whether Jungkook's hair is blue or purple. Its clip has been viewed 4 million times and received 1.1 million likes.

Three more concept clips of Butter, the upcoming single from K-pop boy band BTS, have been released. The clips, shared to Twitter on Wednesday, feature Jimin , V , and J-Hope and are the latest individual concept clips from all of the members.

In the new clips, the members are seen posing and grooving in the same dimly lit room as the previous members – RM, Suga, Jin, and Jungkook. J-Hope, with his new blonde hairstyle. We see him rocking to the music while holding a lollipop in his hand. However, he ends up breaking her into pieces. Its clip has been viewed 2.8 million times and a million people have liked it so far.

In Jimin 's music video, he drinks red fruit juice from a bottle while tapping his feet and grooving to the catchy track. We see him dressed in black. Jimin's clip has been viewed 3.5 million times and 1 million people have liked it so far.

In his music video, V. is seen enjoying gummy bears by playing with them and then eating them. Later, he is seen knocking them down on the ground. He dances to the music , and at one point is also seen holding a camera reel with his picture on it. His video has been viewed 3.9 million times and liked by 1.2 million people.

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Recently, BTS became the first Korean pop group to be nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. The group holds the Guinness World Record for the most viewed clip on YouTube in 24 hours, as Dynamite has been viewed 101 million times. They are also the first K-pop group to debut at the top of Billboard's Hot 100.

In the recent past, they also released their new song Film Out in collaboration with J-pop group Back Number. It appears as the ending theme for the new Japanese film, Signal: Long-Term Unsolved Case Investigation Team. The song will be included in their upcoming Japanese-language album, BTS , The Best, which is slated for release on June 16.