ITZY (있지) is a five-member South Korean girl group from JYP Entertainment. The group debuted on February 11, 2019 with the hit song Dalla Dalla . The name of their fans and Midzy .

Hwang Ye-Ji was born on May 26, 2000 in South Korea, is the leader, main dancer, main singer, and the oldest member of the group. Ye-Ji is close to Lee Dae-Hwi Ex-member of Wanna One, she appeared on Stray Kids Survival Show . She joined JYP Entertainment and trained for three years in 2018. She participated in The Fan TV show. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the fifth episode.

Choi Ji-su , better known as Lia , was born on July 21, 2000 in South Korea. She is the lead singer of the group . Her stage name, Lia, comes from her English name Julia, given to her by her aunt. She lived in Toronto, Canada. She was trained for two years. She has a dog called Bella.

Shin Ryu-Jin was born on April 17, 2001 in South Korea. She is the lead rapper, lead dancer , and center of Itzy. She participated in the show Mixnine. She was even ranked number one in the girls category and YG Entertainment offered her a contract with them. But she refused and decided to stay with JYP Entertainment . She was trained for four years. Ryujin was spotted by JYP Entertainment at a GOT7 fan meeting. She appeared in BTS 's Highlight Reel alongside J-Hope and Jimin.

Lee Chae-Ryeong was born on June 5, 2001 in South Korea. She is the main dancer and vocalist of the group . She participated in Survival Sixteen alongside the members of Twice . She was a trainee for five years. She is the younger sister of Chae-Yeon from IZ*ONE . She is close to members of Twice.

Shin Yu-Na was born on December 9 in South Korea. The rapper, main visual lead dancer and Maknae of Itzy. She appeared in BTS's Highlight Reel alongside Jungkook in 2017. She trained for three years and played football for four. Yu-Na has the most outgoing personality of the group.

Itzy is one of the girl groups that I really like. I find that, musically speaking, they are quite solid. Their mini album are quite good, with quite varied titles. I think they represent well this new generation of KPOP who want to impose respect with their art. I really liked that they started with songs like Dalla Dalla , Icy or Wannaba , which is about being yourself. It's really an important message and the fact that artists do it is touching.