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Find our KPOP collection with its clothing of all kinds, whether it's a T-Shirt, a sweater, a sweatshirt or goodies such as KPOP phone cases, key rings, Twice lightsticks, you will find everything to support the Korean group TWICE.

JYP Entertainment has released numerous collections of Twice merchandise since the girl group's debut in 2015. The collections often consist of photocards and postcards, posters, cheering slogans, and apparel. The group is known for including more practical items such as protectors, cloth cases, headphones, alarm clocks, face masks and even body lotions. Certain types of Twice merchandise are present in almost every selection curated by JYP. These include Twicezines - a special magazine for members, and photo books for your photo card collection.

Twice Tour 1 Twiceland: The Opening

Article: Twiceland 1st Round Twice: The Opening Merchandise

Twiceland: The opener is the group's first concert tour which kicked off on February 17 with three shows over three consecutive days in Seoul at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. The band members also visited Thailand and Singapore.

The selection of collectibles prepared for the tour includes 18 items that were made by a South Korean company called Copan Global. This company is known for the merchandise it creates for other KPop artists like Seventeen, DAY6, and Chungha. At the concerts, you could find the first version of the official Twice Candy Bong light stick, a set of 22 standard size (55 x 85 mm) photo cards, a photo card binder, an iRing in two different colors, a T white shirt in two sizes (M and XL), 9 variants of a ballpoint pen (each representing a member), a lightweight mini key ring, a set of 22 postcards, a white pocket for your Candy Bong, a black zippered hooded sweatshirt in size M or XL, a set of 10 postcards, a photo slogan, a white eco-bag, a set of 10 L-shaped key rings, a set of 10 posters, a black card holder, a set of 9 stickers and a portable battery.

Additionally, three items from the Twice collection were included in the collection after the Knock Knock pop-up store opened on February 21, 2017. These were a Twicezine and two different versions of the puzzle (500 and 1000 pieces).