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ETUDE HOUSE is the friend of all those who dream of sweet moments in their life. Discovering its true beauty and making the sweet imagination of a beautiful transformation come true - This is what defines ETUDE. The pure exaltation of indulging in countless sensual colors! By dividing into innovative products with a delicious twist! Come play with us blooming in pink and blissful energy! You'll find yourself even more bubbly before you know it.

Find your personal beauty in our fun and magical makeup world, Etude House and make your wildest dreams come true.

Makeup should be fun rather than a boring daily routine. At Etude House, we believe we can create better and more exciting products for our customers to enjoy and discover their unique beauty. Since its launch in 1985 as Korea's first specialty makeup brand, Etude House has fulfilled beauty dreams with fun and playful products and packaging. We have created a culture of makeup play in our stores to perpetuate the learning and enjoyment of beauty. Our feminine and playful products accentuate our belief that every woman is born worthy and deserves to be loved. To celebrate their beauty and spirit of adventure, trendy young women are turning to Etude House's whimsical and bright stores for affordable bestsellers like Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk, Precious Mineral Any Cushion, Play 101 Pencil , and Moistfull Collagen Cream.