Moisturizing products combined with state-of-the-art water technology for radiant skin and sparkling beauty for fashion-forward, confident women.

About the LANEIGE brand

Launched in 1994, Laneige was dedicated to providing women with skin as glowing and vibrant as snow and bringing out their charm and confidence. The science of life-giving water is harnessed in high-tech, trend-driven moisturizing formulas that have earned Laneige the title of Asian women's most loved beauty brand and success in more than 15 countries in the world. Laneige dazzles with new solutions such as White Plus Renew Original Essence, Water Sleeping Mask, and BB Cushion to deliver radiant skin and inspire sparkling beauty. In particular, the Water Sleep Mask is an innovative combination of a skin care product and a face mask that maximizes skin regeneration by capitalizing on the skin's restorative ability during sleep. . This revolutionary and easy-to-use product has achieved global success, being sold every 11 seconds.