November has been a big month for K-pop comebacks, but before it ends, a new boy group is set to debut.

ENHYPEN, the rising new K-pop boy group, is the first artist in BELIFT LAB, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment, the agency behind global superstars BTS.

Enhypen Confirms Debut With Debut Mini-Album Border: Day One

Even before making their official debut, 7-member boyband ENHYPEN have already made a name for themselves on social media with over 1 million followers on their official channels Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, and over 3 million on Weverse. .

Formed from the South Korean music-themed survival competition show “ I-LAND ,” the trainees competed over 12 episodes to make the final group. In the end, seven members emerged victorious— Heesung , Jay , Sunghoon , Jake , Sunoo , Jungwon , and Niki —to form ENHYPEN today.

Within days, the boy band will make their first foray into the K-pop industry with the release of their first mini album, BORDER: DAY ONE , on November 30. Dubbed the "monster rookies," their upcoming mini-album hit the 150,000 pre-order milestone in just two days, and as of November 17, they've surpassed 300,000 pre-orders with sales pouring in from all over the world.

Ahead of their debut, we'll tell you everything you need to know about these up-and-coming young talents, from the meaning behind the group's name to how each member gets introduced.


The name "ENHYPEN" was chosen in the latest episode of I-LAND and represents the seven boys who come together to connect, discover and grow as a group, like the hyphen that connects one word to another. .

It is also closely tied to their official fandom name , ENGENE , which symbolizes the fans that fuel the engine to drive and support ENHYPEN's growth. Additionally, “ GENE ” refers to their fans who share the same DNA as the group to connect and grow together.

Sign up as an official member of the ENHYPEN Global Fan Club on Weverse here .

Border: Day One

Titled BORDER: DAY ONE, the debut album was released on November 30 in global music markets. The title of the album, "Given-Taken", as well as the complete list of tracks were revealed on Friday evening (20/11).

With a total of six songs on the mini-albu m, it is available in two versions, "Dusk" and "Dawn". The latter seems to feature light and soft elements with its dreamy baby blue color, while Dusk seems to contain darker, vampiric vibes with a consistent wine red theme. Fans have also speculated that the two sides could represent the different sides of ENHYPEN and their versatility.


Along with concept teasers and trailers leading up to their debut, the boyband is certainly ready to kick things into high gear with the launch of official merch and lightsticks . Available on KPOP Store , the first batch of merchandise includes the official slogan (banner), keychains, badges, Lightsticks , and more.