Holika Holika

Holika Holika is a Korean cosmetics retailer owned by ENPRANI Co. Ltd and established in Korea in 2010 . Enprani is founded by Samsung and CJ Group. Holika Holika is expanding its market all over the world.

Holika Holika products feature unique, eye-catching packaging that appeals to young, style-conscious consumers, both men and women. Our brand offers affordable prices for high quality products made with the best ingredients.

Holika Holika's vision is to provide practical and fun cosmetics to enhance the natural beauty of every woman. Holika Holika gives you happy moments when shopping in our stores. The products aim to give you a fun experience with a surprising and wonderful result.

Holika Holika derives from the English suffix "-holic" which means addiction. The Korean "holida" means "temptation" to form the brand name and its concept.

Enprani launched its products in 2000 with the ambition of being Korea's first luxury cosmetics line . Thanks to their elegant design and their collaboration with the SALK institute, known for its advanced cell culture technology, they have finally established a brand of global prestige. With world-class quality, sophisticated design, and a relentless passion and dedication to caring for women's skin so that it remains as healthy and youthful as it was at the age of twenty, Enprani has gradually earned the love of many consumers.