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BT21 Accessories and Goodies

Find in this collection specially dedicated to BT21 objects all the cute characters imagined by the BTS Bangtan Boys for their collaboration with Line Friend.

These cute little mascots are very often put forward because KPOP fans and more particularly the Army are completely crazy about them. Indeed how to resist these little characters, Tata , Van , RJ , Shooky , Cookie , Chimmy , Mang , and Koya there is not one that is not chewable.

BT21 Shop from KPOP Store

In this KPOP SHOP you will find all kinds of BT21 accessories but also BT21 clothes. Indeed in the range of clothing there is really everything, whether it is a BT21 sweater , a BT21 T-Shirt , BT21 socks , BT21 slippers , there is really something to wear from head to toe.

To sleep well if you need BT21 pajamas then this BT21 shop will offer you your most beautiful nights and you will be able to have your most beautiful dreams because yes we have them too.

What is very popular with fans is also the BT21 cases indeed for your iphone or your smartphone we have at your disposal many models just for you.

Finally how could we satisfy all our customers without Plush BT21 ?! Well yes, you have understood that our BT21 Shop also offers you a large number of BT21 plush toys , all as cute as each other. You won't even know which cuddly toy to choose because they're all to die for, but if you're more of a miniature BT21 figurine , you'll also be satisfied <3

Treat yourself to the KPOP Shop!