Mugs - Water Bottles KPOP

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A K-POP Mug adapted to your fandom

In this Mug collection you will find something for everyone. Indeed, we have classic Mugs and cups on the Korean universe and culture. You will find for example cups with the Heart Finger to show his love or funny expressions like ' KPOP and Chill '.

But of course you will also find your favorite K-POP groups there. For example, the best known are our BTS Mugs , Blackpink Mugs and BT21 Mugs . But you will also find lesser known groups such as GOT7, Twice, Red Velvet, Girls Generation, etc... The list of mugs and cups bearing the image of KPOP groups is large.

Do not hesitate to contact us to suggest other groups, we will do our best to satisfy all our KPOP Army.

Original KPOP Magic Mugs

Some of our mugs are called Magic Mugs because the drawing/design of the mug only appears once hot water is poured into it. Indeed, these are our Black Mugs where you will have to add water at more than 60° and wait a bit for the image to appear for a Wow effect!

If you are a fan of hot drinks whether it is tea, coffee or something else then these mugs will be perfect for you and even more so if you are passionate about Korean culture .

KPOP water bottles for ecology

In this collection, in addition to the many cups, you will find a few K-POP water bottles to store your water or drink on the go. The water bottle is an excellent way to stay hydrated throughout the day no matter where you are and on top of that it is an ecological object . Thanks to water bottles, the rate of plastic waste from water bottles will be reduced. If you like ecology and you are used to drinking hot drinks, we advise you to take a stainless steel water bottle to keep the heat of your drink.