Hanbok Man

What you need to know about Male Hanbok

The hanbok is a traditional Korean garment . Still called "joseonot" in North Korea, it turns out to be one of the few traditional garments in the world to have with the ravages of time. The hanbok, which literally means "Korean clothing", is today one of the essential elements in the tradition of South Korea . It is characterized by fiery colors and simple lines. The hanbok is mostly worn for special occasions such as weddings. It can be worn by both men and women. Discover in this article everything you need to know about the hanbok for men .

The men's hanbok

The hanbok is indeed a traditional dress generally worn by Koreans for special occasions. It is presented as a chic and elegant suit that the man or the woman wears in order to show off. It is an outfit made from a combination of beautiful Korean fabrics with unique colorways.

The hanbok for men can generally consist of a short jacket and large pants that are tied at the ankles and are called "baji". Both of these garments can be worn with a long, unisex-cut coat called a "durumagi". However, the hanbok for men is not limited to these 3 garments. We also distinguish the "Gat", the "Kkotsin" and the "Beoseon".

The Gat: This is the hat that men usually wear on their head on their hanbok.

The Durumagi: it is a traditional coat that is worn for special occasions. It allows to cover the short jacket and the traditional pants.

The Baji: it represents the lower part of the hanbok for men. It plays the same role as western pants, except that it is looser and is attached at the ankles. If the baji turns out to be so big, it is particularly to allow its wearer to easily achieve the seated position on the ground which is very often practiced in Asia.

The Kkotsin: these are silk shoes that the man wears over his hanbok. Kkotsin are generally embellished with patterns and symbols such as flowers. Their main role is to complete the whole hanbok in order to make it more magnificent.

The Beoseon: these are the pairs of socks worn by men on their hanbok set, but also by women. The Beoseon for men are characterized by their particularly straight seams.

A garment that lives up to its wearer

The beauty of the hanbok lies mainly in the concordance of its colors and the simplistic style of its lines. For Koreans, the value of a man is his integrity and that of a woman is chastity. As such, the man must ensure that he wears a garment and hat worthy of his rank while the woman must cover her face with coats outside. The hanbok is an ideal outfit to express one's values ​​and principles. It reveals very few parts of the body and exudes a pure and virtuous beauty.

The harmony of colors being the main element of the hanbok, we discover on the market a large collection of men's hanbok with different colors. There are models of hanbok for men, but also sets of hanbok for women , and for children and for families.