KPOP™ CD player

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  • Are your CDs sitting on the shelf gathering dust?

    It's time to listen to the music of your favorite idol / singer / band with this KPOP™ CD player ! An ideal combination of CD player and modern design which makes your room more aesthetic and pleasant.

    kpop cd player

    The KPOP™ CD Player is the ultimate CD player that's hard to go wrong with. The player comes with multiple functions, it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, MP3 player with Micro SD or USB Drive, wired speaker (or connect CD player and output sound in another speaker) external wired speaker or headset/earphone). 💽

    kpop music player

    More room at home? No worries

    The design is minimalist and elegant . It can be hung on your wall , or placed on your desk , or your nightstand . Imagine being able to listen to your favorite songs at any time using the remote control that comes with the player.

    wall mounted cd player

    Create your own space... Easy as pie

    Turn a boring wall or plain table into a modern art display by placing this CD player with your favorite artwork, photos and posters . It's literally a cute and modern finishing touch for any space.

    original cd player

    Aesthetically pleasing... Fill your space with the KPOP™ CD Player

    Our CD player complements your personality, your lifestyle and fits perfectly in your space.

    kpop cd player


    • Player for CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA formats
    • USB port / Micro SD MP3 player
    • FM radio
    • bluetooth speaker
    • (Note: This CD player is not equipped with Bluetooth transmitter function and cannot connect other Bluetooth speakers/headphones via Bluetooth)
    • AUX input / output
    • Use it as a speakerphone connecting other audible devices. It can also connect and output audio from the CD player to other wired external speakers/headphones.
    • This CD player can be wall mounted or placed on a table (the stand is included in the package).

    bts music player


    • Disc format support: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA
    • Radio frequency: 87.5KHz-108.0MHz
    • Speaker: 45mm*2
    • Nominal impedance: 3 Ω
    • Speaker output: 3W*2
    • Power supply: DC 5V2A
    • Power/switch cable length: 2.8m
    • Size: 18.9*18.9*3.7cm

    *CDs/Albums are not included in the package.

    Package contents:

    kpop player package